Tied to the anniversary reissue of the band’s 1993 album, “In Utero”, the video includes full footage from Nirvana’s Dec. 1993 “Live and Loud” show in Seattle, as well as rehearsal tape. In anticipation of the DVD’s release, two clips of the band rehearsing for the show have been made available by MTV. Shown above and below, the first clip is of Nirvana playing “Very Ape,” while the second shows the band rehearsing “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.” Music video by Nirvana performing Heart Shaped Box. (C) 1993 Geffen Records Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Music video by Nirvana performing Smells Like Teen Spirit. (C) 1991 Geffen Records Nirvana – Come As You Are Music video by Nirvana performing Come As You Are. (C) 1992 Geffen Records Nirvana – In Bloom Music video by Nirvana performing In Bloom. (C) 1992 Geffen Records Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World Music video by Nirvana performing The Man Who Sold The World. (C) 1994 Geffen Records Nirvana – Lithium Music video by Nirvana performing Lithium. (C) 1992 Geffen Records Nirvana – You Know You’re Right Music video by Nirvana performing You Know You’re Right. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3501903. (C) 2002 Geffen Records Nirvana – About A Girl (MTV Unplugged) Music video by Nirvana performing About A Girl. (C) 1994 Geffen Records Nirvana – Sliver Music video by Nirvana performing Sliver. (C) 1993 Geffen Records Inc.

Ritabhari travels to Paris to attend Bryan Adams’ concert!

She went all the way to Paris just to attend the musicians’ concert, L’Olympia, which took place on September 20. Only last year, she had gone to Moscow to attend his concert. Next, she is planning to travel to Geneva , where the singer is scheduled to perform next. “I can travel the whole world to see him perform. I am ready to follow the rockstar wherever he goes, be it Moscow, Paris or Geneva. This time I got the concert’s ticket even before I booked my flight tickets. He is someone I can never get over.” The actress also went to Germany and Denmark as part of the trip. “This was my solo trip. I tried to get a seat closest to the stage. He is a fan-loving guy. During the performance, he would touch his fans’ hands, throw his cap at them, and sometimes even kiss a lady on her cheeks. Though he is 55, he is like a kid on stage. I plan to attend more acoustic shows of his.

He said the concert was a cultural event and there was no intent on the part of Germany to “legitimise anything” or politicise the event. “It was a stunning success for all those who participated, including the Embassy, the orchestra, the local government and the Kashmiris. We do not legitimise anything, our President wanted to give it a patronage but we didn’t do it since we did not want to politicise the event,” he added. “We could not have done a “Woodstock event”. Not the slightest incident happened and the one which was mixed was a disgrace to the dead as it happened 50 kms away. It was a fantastic event. It was not a peace concernt but a cultural event which reached out to the people of Kashmir,” Steiner said. He said the concert witnessed 2,700 guests who were mainly common Kashmiris. “It was really heart-warming to see the Kashmiris’ reactions. We had live broadcasting to more than 50 countries of the world. Doordarshan broadcast for the first time in High Definition. We have been flooded by positive response”, he said.

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