As part of USA Swimmings partnership with Arena, the Arena Grand Prix Series will offer swimmers the opportunity to take home prize money for top finishes in all individual Olympic-distance events. In total, $150,000 in overall prize money is available to be distributed over the course of the six-meet series. At each meet, $500 will be awarded for a first-place finish, $300 for second and $100 for third in all individual events. Arena is serving as the title sponsor for the Arena Grand Prix Series for the second straight year. In addition to the prize money, swimmers will compete for a Series grand prize from BMW. For the first time in the history of the Series, BMW will give the highest-scoring eligible male and female U.S. swimmer a one-year lease of a BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Series. Additional exposure will come via the Universal Sports Network, which will nationally broadcast coverage from each Arena Grand Prix Series meet. The six events comprising the 2013-14 Arena Grand Prix Series include: Nov. 14-16, 2013: Arena Grand Prix at Minneapolis Jan. 17-19, 2014: Arena Grand Prix at Austin Feb. 13-15, 2014: Arena Grand Prix at Orlando April 24-26, 2014: Arena Grand Prix at Mesa May 15-18, 2014: Arena Grand Prix at Charlotte June 19-22, 2014: Arena Grand Prix at Santa Clara Thanks in large part to Arenas support, we saw the Arena Grand Prix Series taken to new heights last season, and we reaped the benefits of this elevated competition by winning the medal count at the 2013 FINA World Championships, said Frank Busch, USA Swimmings National Team Director.

Press Release: USA the #1 Cable Network in Quarter 3 of 2013, WWE Credited

Its more of a conversation-starter. To that goal, Kramer said his paper haslately urged its journalists to express their voice to appeal to digital readers. We are encouraging our writers to be more expressive and have a unique voice, Kramer said, adding that readers in the digital age are more interested in the people delivering their information to them than past audiences were. Also read: TheGrill: Bill Maher on Why Hell Never Win an Emmy Not If Youre Gonna Be the Brave One Jonathan Alcorn In addition, Kramer said, USA Today is emphasizing the importance of discovery for its readers that is, presenting something that the readers didnt necessarily know they were interested before reading a story, as opposed to giving them what theyre already looking for, which has been a driving force of the internet news model. I dont have the automotive industry or the plastic industry in my top 10 list of interesting topics, Kramer said by way of example. However, if he saw a story about a car manufacturer that decided to build its cars out of all plastics, it would likely grab his attention. The discovery element is also crucial to the advertising end of journalism, Kramer said during the panel, Regimagining the Newsroom and to that point, he insisted, the advantage goes to the print media. Also read: TheGrill: FXs John Landgraf on a la Carte Cables Threat to Hollywoods Creativity, Breaking Bad Regrets One of the reasons print advertising still survives is that print is one of the best discovery mediums; its easy to turn a page, Kramer noted, saying that print ads offer advertisers a big tableau to hawk its wares with. Kramer, who said that USA Today grew its print advertising revenue last year, noted that were still at a point where the advertising dollars for us we make more per reader in print than we do on the web, estimating that USA Today takes in about five times per print reader than it does per digital reader. Were gradually building advertising revenue with digital, but were not there yet, he noted, adding that,in general,were seeing a resurgence in effective print advertising. Also read: TheGrill: Online Giant Break Medias Next Move Tentpole Projects for TV (Video) Still, the digital advertising model must be addressed a challenging process, Kramer conceded, especially since readers continue to switch the devices they tend to get their news from. While last year saw readers excited about tablets, this year has been about mobile devices. While advertisers tend to be excited about tablets, Kramer said, your mobile device has really become your breaking news device advertising is even further behind there. Kramer also acknowledged that the prospect of a paywall for USA Today is likey in the cards. I think eventually we do have to have the ability to charge people its really important to the business model.

TheGrill: USA Today Publisher – Newspapers Must Conversation-Starters in the Digital Age

USA was the #1 ad-supported cable network for the eighth third quarter in a row among P18-49 (1.12 million, +13% more than #2 TBS), P25-54 (1.16 million, +22% more than #2 TBS) and total viewers (2.97 million, +18% more than #2 DSNY) for 3Q13. USA also delivered the quarters top P18-34 audience (554,000, +3% more than #2 TBS). 3Q13 marks the 29th consecutive quarter that USA has been the #1 ad-supported cable entertainment network in total viewers. USA’s win was driven by the network’s powerful slate of originals Suits, Burn Notice, GRACELAND, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs and Necessary Roughness each averaging over 3 million total viewers, 1.5 million P25-54, 1 million P18-49 and half a million P18-34, as well as the mighty WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW and the most-watched off-net series on cable, NCIS and LAW & ORDER: Special Victims Unit. Freshman drama GRACELAND was one of the top new scripted shows on cable in P18-49 for the summer, as well as televisions top scripted series with original episodes Thursdays in P18-34. When the show aired on Thursdays at 10pm, USA was behind only ABC and NBC in all of television in delivering P18-49, P25-54 and P18-34 as well as being the most watched network on cable in total viewers. The Emmy-award nominated drama Burn Notice had USAs second most watched series finale ever (only behind MONK), among P18-49, P25-54 and total viewers. WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW continued to dominate in 3Q13 averaging over 2 million in the demos and nearly 4.5 million total viewers. NCIS and LAW & ORDER: Special Victims Unit were the top two acquired dramas in prime this summer and the only ones to deliver over 2 million total viewers (NCIS 2.59 million / SVU 2.08 million) as well as being the #1 acquired dramas for P18-49 (649,000 / 783,000), P25-54 (775,000 / 756,000) and P18-34 (279,000 / 443,000). USAs fourth quarter brings the season five premiere of White Collar on its new night and time, Thursday, October 17 at 9/8, as well as the final six episodes of Covert Affairs season four, also on its new night and time at 10/9c. On Friday, November 1, just in time for the holidays, the reality series event IT TAKES A CHOIR premieres, hosted by the dapper and charismatic British sensation Gareth Malone. And on Sunday, December 15, a holiday treat that fans of the hit show Psych have been highly anticipating, a special two-hour Psych: THE MUSICAL. Note: Data reflect time period data with the most current combination of Live+7 (7/1-9/8), Live+3 (9/9-9/18) and Live+SD (9/19-9/21); program data are the most current combination of Live+7 (7/1-9/8) and Live+SD (9/9-9/19). Exception: Burn Notice 2nd best series finale claim LS.