Taylor Swift Meets Young Girl Struck by Motorist Outside Her Concert

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20, 2013 In a lecture at Harvard in the early 1990s, the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo referred to Frank Gehry as a “noble savage.” The comment, partly a joke, perfectly summed up the conventional wisdom that had gathered around Gehry’s work during the time he was designing Walt Disney Concert Hall. As the prevailing caricature had it, Gehry was architecture’s answer to the action painters of the 1950s: Jackson Pollock operating at an urban scale, working as much by intuition as strategy, and dribbling his unorthodox forms across building sites instead of canvases. The building, which will turn 10 years old next month, responds to the lonely moonscape urbanism of Bunker Hill with a shimmering, canny gregariousness that spills down Grand Avenue in both directions. It understands and adapts to its peculiar context far better than the buildings by well-known architects that preceded (Arata Isozaki’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Moneo’s cathedral) and followed it (Coop Himmelblau’s arts high school) on Grand. And thanks to Gehry’s productive collaboration with the acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota, Disney Hall solves the devilish practical challenges that have frustrated a long line of concert-hall architects. Its auditorium, lined with a billowing collection of Douglas fir panels and seats upholstered in an almost-garish floral pattern that dares you to dislike it, delivers a remarkably and reliably lively sound. In short, Disney Hall accomplishes all the things Gehry has become famous for and all the things he was supposed to be incapable of doing. Disney Hall under construction in 2001. More photos When Gehry was named one of the finalists in the competition to design a new building for the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 1988, he was keenly aware of the typical objections to his work. In an early presentation of his proposal, he made a point of saying that his buildings “aren’t from Mars.” He emphasized how much his career was “bound to this city.” He was, in fact, the only local architect among the four finalists. His initial design, quite different from what was ultimately built, imagined a small village for classical music at the top of Bunker Hill.

Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall is inextricably of L.A.

The latter tune had lyrical lines such as If my love is blind I dont want to see the light over a fluffy, irresistible arrangement that recalled Air Supply and other 70s soft-rock smashes. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas But his setlist was, as expected, dominated by classic hits, evergreen pop of the sort that turns up on American Idol season after season. Stuff so great that Michael Bolton, perhaps the last cover artist to achieve the level of commercial success Buble has, could hit the charts belting em out. Among the highlights: Van Morrisons Moondance, Feeling Good, most famously recorded by Nina Simone, and the Bee Gees To Love Somebody. And the night featured several smooth, if unsurprising, Frank Sinatra interludes, such as You Make Me Feel So Young, Got the World on a String and a Latin-tinged Come Dance With Me. Like Sinatra, Buble rarely goes for high or low notes, preferring an unmodulated, almost monotone delivery that stays out of the way of the melody. Yet, as the Rolling Stones once wrote and sang, its the singer, not the song. Bubles a fabulous entertainer, with a skill set that seems destined to take him to an extended engagement at a Las Vegas casino. His charm was as much a part of the festivities as the familiar melodies. He oozes sweetness like only a Canadian can. Before covering Otis Reddings Try a Little Tenderness, he accepted a teensy Washington Capitals onesie from a fan for his newborn son as if it was the greatest gift ever given, to anyone. He fawned over his band, dubbed Team Buble, with each member of the large horn section getting plenty of time under the spotlight and a personal stats page flashed on the arenas big video screens, the sort of treatment the Toronto Maple Leafs might get at the beginning of a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

New York art gallery owner Dominique Levy was the moving force behind this past week’s performance: “I thought that was the craziest and most unreasonable thing to ever do,” Levy said. “How can you expect people to even bear 20 minutes of one note and 20 minutes of silence? And then I was lucky enough to experience it approximately, I think, ten years ago. And it was a life-changing experience.” Life-changing enough that she organized the concert to coincide with an exhibition of Klein’s paintings and sculptures — most of them blue. “If you think about it, it’s one single tone,’ Levy said. “And he works in monochromatic color, one single color.” And so to Wednesday night’s performance in a Manhattan church (minus the distraction of the three nude models in blue). Together, the voices and instruments had a mesmerizing effect over time. To listen to Yves Klein’s “Monotone-Silence Symphony,” click on the audio player. Audio recording courtesy of Bill Siegmund, of Digital Island Studios, New York. A New York Times blogger wrote afterword that he imagined he’d heard bagpipes at one point. And then, after twenty minutes .

Michael Buble concert review: Lots of covers, lots of charm at Verizon Center

Kevin Winter/Getty Images For Grace Markel, Aug. 10 was supposed to be a special night. Her parents, Amy and Will Markel, had bought tickets for the 7-year-old to see one of her favorite singers, Taylor Swift , perform in Chicago, and she couldn’t wait, according to People magazine. Then tragedy struck. Taylor Swift’s Bucket List: ‘Get a College Degree’ As the girl was getting out of a cab at the concert venue, she was struck by a speeding SUV driven by an uninsured driver with a suspended license. For the next two days, she was hospitalized at Children’s Mercy Hospital and treated for two skull fractures, a slight left orbital fracture, multiple head lacerations, a severe concussion and road rash over her face and body. To celebrate their daughter’s resilience, her parents, who live in Columbia, Mo., bought tickets to Swift’s Nashville concert on Sept. 21, where the singer surprised them and brought them backstage before the show. Taylor Swift Leaves a Huge Tip “Taylor greeted Grace by her name and immediately knelt down and hugged her,” Grace’s mother told the magazine. “She told Grace she had a cold and asked Grace to sing extra loud to help her out.” Afterward, the singer gave Grace a big hug and gave her an autograph that said, “I heart Grace! Taylor.” Twitter Account Casts Taylor Swift a Feminist “Taylor’s mother told Grace she was so sorry about what happened to her, and she gave me a hug saying she sympathized with what we’d been through,” Markel continued. “It was so surreal and amazing.” As for Grace, who was just cleared to return to school and her activities, Swift seemed “nice and tall and pretty,” she said. “[The meeting] was just a warm and genuine exchange that made it feel like time has stopped, and it was just the two of them,” her mother added. “It’s so hard to reconcile what we witnessed at the time of the accident with her amazing recovery. …

Taylor Swift Meets Child Who Was Hit by an SUV Outside Her Concert

10. AfterAexiting a taxi at the concert venue with her father, Grace was hit by an SUVAtraveling at what was estimated to be 30 miles per hour. The driver was uninsured and had a suspendedAlicense. Grace’sAdream night turned into a nightmare ordeal: Instead of attending her idol’sAconcert, the little girl spent the following two days at Children’s Mercy Hospital,Awhere she was treated after suffering twoAskull fractures, a slight leftAorbital fracture, multiple head lacerations, a severe concussion, and road rashAover her face and body. Grace Markel following her accident Courtesy Markel family AccordingAto Grace’s parents, she has remained positive throughout her recovery. To celebrate her spirit, they boughtAGrace tickets to Swift’s RedAconcert in Nashville Sept.A21, and the singer surprised the family by bringing them backstage before herAentrance. WhenASwift, 23, emerged from her dressing room, “Taylor greeted Grace by her nameAand immediately knelt down and hugged her,” Amy Markel tells PEOPLE. “She told Grace she had a coldAand asked Grace to sing extraAloud to help her out.” SwiftAthanked the little girl for wearing one of her shirts and autographed theAsleeve with, “I heart Grace! Taylor,” before putting her arms aroundAthe little girl for photos and giving Grace another huge hug before taking the stage. Taylor Swift hugs Grace Markel Larry Busacca / Getty AccordingAto Amy, “Taylor’s mother told Grace she was so sorry about whatAhappened to her, and she gave me a hug saying she sympathized with what we’dAbeen through. It was so surreal andAamazing.” AlthoughAGrace was nervous to meet the singer, she said Swift was even moreA”nice and tall and pretty” than she expected. “[TheAmeeting] was just a warm and genuine exchange that made it feel like time hasAstopped, and it was just the two of them,” Amy says.