HVMDesign v2 is currently under construction.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, and please come back soon.
If you wish to contact us or Anthony Coy, please send a message in the contact form below.

What is taking so long?
The redevelopment of HVMDesign is taking much longer than expected because we recently partnered in forming our sister company, InFront Tools. From the website:

InFront Tools endeavors to provide unique offerings of a technical nature to customers of all kinds. Special emphasis is placed on emerging web technologies and customized marketing tools.
Please visit the website for our new online products. Also, take note that the site and products are currently under construction and may not be available at the moment.
What about your phpBB MODs & Templates?
If you require support on any of our phpBB MODs or templates, please visit phpBBStyles -because we help administer that website, and are an active influence. You can also contact Anthony Coy using the form below.

When will HVMDesign be completed?
There is no definite answer to that, but it not for a little while. We recently decided to start in the shared hosting business with HVMHosting, which will be a joint site with HVMDesign.

We also plan to provide a tutorials section, and many helpful webmaster tools. Only when everything works perfectly, and we feel the website is professional and presentable will it be open.